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Crazy Larry's Window Washing Concentrate

HULK - Window Cleaning Towels - 30 Pack Green Microfibers

HULK - Window Cleaning Towels - 30 Pack Green Microfibers

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Introducing HULK, our 30 pack of green microfiber cleaning towels for professional window cleaning. Just like the mighty superhero, these towels are strong and durable, designed to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. Measuring 16" x 16" and weighing 300 grams, they are soft, absorbent, and perfect for leaving your windows streak-free. With their green color and impressive strength, HULK towels are a must-have for any cleaning professional. And best of all, they're machine washable up to 50X, so you can use them again and again!

How To Use

Using Crazy Larry's is as easy as 1 2 3!

Just add soap to your bucket, 1oz per gallon of water will do!

Then apply soap the to the glass using a window mop. Make sure to scrub away any hard water stains or heavy dirt.

Now just squeegee away!

Perfectly clean glass in 3 easy steps!


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